Temecula Teachers Group Declares Impasse in Negotiations with TVUSD

Teachers protesting in front of Temecula Valley High School on Tuesday, May 28, 2014.
Teachers protesting in front of Temecula Valley High School on Tuesday, May 28, 2014.
The following is a news release from Temecula Valley Educators Association's President Elect Jeff Kingsberg:

The TVEA Negotiating Team met with TVUSD Thursday morning and the district made a counter proposal to the offer made by the TVEA team last week.  

Key areas that the district responded to were:

  1. Compensation:  TVEA had proposed a 1% Retroactive to January 1 2014 and a 4% increase for 14-15.  TVUSD countered with a 3% starting July 1 for 14-15 with no retroactive increase for 13-14. 

  2. Special Education Caseload Management:  TVEA had proposed the equivalent of 150 minutes each week for grades K-5.  TVUSD countered with the idea of forming an exploratory committee to research the feasibility of such time.

  3. Class Size K-3:  The district agreed in concept to eliminating previous proposed language that would have modified state legislation regarding class size.  This will allow K-3 classes to continue to move toward the state target of 24-1 by 2020-21.


The TVEA Bargaining Team decided to declare impasse  (meaning that one or both parties cannot offer further concessions to move toward agreement) rather than schedule future negotiating sessions through the summer. 

Based on the supermajority NO vote of 64% on the May 5 Tentative Agreement and the ensuing CTA informational sessions, a majority of members needed the district to get to at least 5% in compensation over the 13-14/14-15 period to vote YES on a new TA.


Next Steps:  

  • TVEA will file impasse documents with the Public Employee Relations Board.
  • A California State Mediator will be assigned to hear the case and attempt to resolve the dispute.  A date will be set for July or August.

Message to Teachers:   

This will likely be a long drawn out process.  Although frustrating, we are asking our members to stay strong.  Our bargaining team has been attempting to work with the district on negotiations for this time period since January 2013.  

They are negotiating in your best interests based on much research into what the district has available to provide us with a long deserved increase in compensation.  You are encouraged to attend the July School Board Meeting on the 15th and will be notified of a mediation date when we have it.  We will ask members to show their support at the mediation site for sixty to ninety minutes that day.  Thank you to all of those who gave strong support at the last two school board meetings June 3rd and June 17th. We have demonstrated a level of solidarity that proves we will seek a “Fair Settlement” no matter how long it takes.


Jeff Kingsberg TVEA President Elect

TVEA Bargaining Team

DaveTheWave June 19, 2014 at 08:55 PM
KMA, what do you mean by "looking for a job?"
Local Guy June 20, 2014 at 10:20 AM
I spoke to several friends at a recent function who are public employees. Consistent with other input from similarly employed friends, they were talking about what state they were planning on retiring to. None considered California a likely choice because of our high taxes and cost of living, and none understood the irony of their statements. The cumulative realities of the effects of union activism and corruption over the years were lost to ingrained perceptions of themselves as victims and undervalued employees.
KMA June 20, 2014 at 05:56 PM
A long drawn out presentation- but your point is calif sucks.
S.S.J June 21, 2014 at 02:13 AM
KMA - Teachers are not threatening to strike. If you read the entire article, this is the start of a very long process paperwork verifying process.
KMA June 21, 2014 at 03:08 PM
No more tenure- no more latest employee goes first. Get rid of the "deadwood". Long drawn out process- no contract- right. ??


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