Temecula Teachers Vote Down District Contract Offer, Stage Protests

Teachers protesting in front of Temecula Valley High School on Tuesday, May 28, 2014.
Teachers protesting in front of Temecula Valley High School on Tuesday, May 28, 2014.
The following is a news release from Temecula Valley Educators Association's President Elect Jeff Kingsberg:

In an unprecedented move, teachers belonging to the Temecula Valley Educators Association (TVEA) voted overwhelmingly to reject a contract offer through June 2015 by nearly a two to one margin.  

With more than one thousand members casting ballots, there were 649 NO votes ( 64%)  and only 361 yes votes (36%).   This marks the first time in the twenty five year history of TVEA as a K-12 association in negotiating with the Temecula Valley Unified District that members have voted down a deal brought to them by their bargaining team.

The troublesome points of the offer for TVEA members appear to be the fact that the district in seeking a two year deal offered a 1% retroactive increase to January 2014 and a 3% increase for 2014-2015.  

Murrieta teachers recently agreed to a 4% retroactive raise for the same time period this year, and are continuing to negotiate for 2014-2015. 

Public schools are now funded under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF); Temecula and Murrieta which have similar demographics receive similar funding.  TVUSD had only offered 2% for 14-15, then put forth an additional 1% by proposing a modification to the California Grade Span Adjustment from the class size requirement of 24 to an increase ranging from 26 to 28 students in Grades K-3.

Members voted two weeks ago and the results were announced on May 23.  

TVEA members were seen picketing out in front of all three comprehensive high schools Chaparral, Great Oak, and Temecula Valley on May 27 as they are seeking a “Fair Settlement”.  

The contract vote epitomizes the ushering in of a new era for TVEA.  In March, long time TVUSD Social Science teacher and TVEA 2nd Vice –President Jeff Kingsberg decisively unseated incumbent Chris Lindberg by a vote of 548-412.  This election combined with the rejection of the tentative agreement demonstrate that after seven years of no salary and benefits increase, Temecula teachers are ready to advocate for change and be recognized for their direct contribution to the success of TVUSD.

The Peacekeeper June 04, 2014 at 04:18 PM
Oh.....P.S. JP. I have a lil secret for you but you can't tell anybody. Ssssshhhhh. This is the internet. Most of what people put on here (including the msm) is BS derived to confuse the sheep. Now do you think that's really my given screen name? (Exit spewing sarcasm) ;-)
The Peacekeeper June 04, 2014 at 04:18 PM
Go Kings!!!!!
S.S.J June 05, 2014 at 03:31 AM
The votes actually came from across all grades, there were over 600+. If you were at the board meeting, you would have heard and seen the support from all grades. Middle and high school will also be affected by class size reduction efforts. As for working six hours a day, I guarantee you, I put in at least 9 hours a day, sometimes more and a day on the weekends to keep up with all the paperwork. As for summer, I welcome the break. After teaching 30+ kids, with varying degrees of ability, for 7 hours day, plus extra meetings, math night, science night, talent show, Christmas performance, Spring performance, cookies with Santa, Spring Carnival, Back to School Night, Open House, 30+ parent conference(you have to account for divorced families), staff development, report cards, progress reports, specialized reading assessments for every student twice a year, and my free tutoring before school and sometimes after if someone needs help. There is so much more, that I am just to tired to list. We teach because we care about kids. Most of us love to go to work everyday and watch Temecula's finest grow into wonderful, productive adults. As for taking up to much of the budget, teaching is a service industry, of course, it will take up alot of the budget. The teachers did not turn down a pay and benefits. The district wanted to take way your childrens' rights to smaller classes. They tagged it onto a 1% increase, which if you break it down, is about 25 dollars a month, before taxes. There was no adjustment to benefits at all, except if you count our premium increase. If everything was about money we would have signed and went on our way.


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