TVUSD Putting Out 'Green' Messages

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
Over the last week, the Temecula Valley Unified School District has announced initiatives that indicate the district is striving to be an environmentally conscious leader.

Today, the TVUSD and Adopt-A-Watt®, Inc. announced plans to retrofit approximately 100 parking lot lights on district campuses with new, high energy efficient induction fluorescent lighting systems.

According to the TVUSD announcement, the lights will reduce electricity consumption by 60 percent, and, because of a 100,000 hour estimated lifespan, will significantly reduce the district’s operating costs.

During the first year of the agreement, lights will be completely funded and installed at no cost to TVUSD via the NAAWP sponsorship, according to the announcement. In subsequent years, the program is designed to support other energy efficient projects for TVUSD such as installing large-scale solar PV electric systems, supplementing the purchase price of electric vehicles (EV), and installing EV charging stations.

“We are very pleased to be a part of the Adopt-A-Watt® program, which falls right in line with TVUSD’s efforts to eliminate energy waste, save dollars, and create a climate of conservation in our organization. It takes the implementation of many changes, both large and small, to ensure sustainable savings,” said TVUSD Superintendent Timothy Ritter.  

Modeled after the Adopt-a-Highway program, the Adopt-A-Watt® program provides a business-based funding methodology to facilitate America’s transition to clean energy and energy efficiency, according to the announcement.

"At no cost to taxpayers, public agencies receive energy efficient lighting systems and AFV infrastructure solar PV arrays, solar PV lights. Funding is raised from sponsoring organizations. The sponsors of the National Adopt-A-Watt® Program receive community recognition for their support in the form of acknowledgement signage, letters of commendation, and invitations to high-profile events and associated media coverage," the announcement read.

”TVUSD’s decision to utilize donated funding for changing to more energy efficient lighting, clearly demonstrates fiscal responsibility and their concern for the environment. We are very pleased with their acceptance of our program and look forward to helping them achieve their long-term sustainability goals,” said founder and CEO of the National Adopt-A-Watt® Program, Thomas A. Wither.

On Nov. 14, TVUSD officials also announced the district had been recognized by the federal government for being an energy efficient school district. Click here to read that story.
Bill Cate November 18, 2013 at 02:19 PM
TVUSD is "Green." Really? I'll believe that when TVUSD - and all the other local government entities - finally figure out that we live in a desert climate and start using native plantings instead of lush, green, water-thirsty lawns for their outdoor aesthetics. This is NOT the tropics and we do NOT live in a rain forest. If they really want to "go green", they will rip out all the lawns and the sprinkler systems (yes, I know some of them use "recycled water," but it's still water!), and learn what xeriscaping is all about.


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