VIDEO: Abby Reinke Elementary School Principal Gets Slimed

Abby Reinke Elementary School Principal Christy Boyd got a slime bucket tipped over her for a good cause.

Christy Boyd, principal of Abby Reinke Elementary School, got slimed Friday but it was all for a good cause.

Boyd had promised that whichever student at her school registered the most people for the school's fourth annual Turkey Trot race could tip the bucket of green goo.

It was 5-year-old kindergartner Hunter Kristensen who got the honors and he needed a tall ladder to do it.

But his thumbs up and smile illustrated how much fun the payoff was for his hard work.

Boyd said her students registered 400 people for Saturday's race.

“That money (raised by the racers) is very important for our programs,” Boyd told Patch.


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