The Business Card Shuffle: How to Create Great Ones for Your Business

Tips and insight into creating business cards that showcase the business you're passionate about

By Jeannie Cambria

Even though businesses of all types are going digital these days, business cards are still an important way to get your name in the hands of potential customers. It's also a marketing tool for your business! Our friends at Deluxe Corp have some great tips for how to create a functional and powerful set of business cards for your business. 

1. Explain what you do

Include specialties so you're not just another dry cleaner, marketing consultant, or florist. 

2. Explain the benefits

Pat yourself on the back - do you have amazing customer service? Have you won any local awards? Include badges and brags on your business card!

3. Offer something for free

Use any extra space for a coupon, discount, or special offer. Don't make it too crowded, but you use your space wisely!

4. Smile and show it

Include a photo on your business card, especially if you are in a business where your personality is a selling point - real estate, consulting, etc. 

5. Design for success

Don't wait to create business cards until you're established - you need them from the get-go to appear professional and poised for success. 

6. Get Social! (EXTRA TIP from Small Business Patch)

Include your social media pages and handles on your card! People will be able to find you and connect with you on the most popular platforms of the day. 

Read more from Deluxe Corp's Small Business Idea Hub blog here.

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