High School Football: All-Southwestern League MVPs, Teams Announced

Vista Murrieta's Coltin Gerhart was named Offensive MVP, while fellow Bronco, Curtis Bolton, was named Defensive MVP.

Vista Murrieta's Coltin Gerhart (7) is the 2013 All-Southwestern League Offensive Most Valuable Player. (Photo by Donal Pearce)
Vista Murrieta's Coltin Gerhart (7) is the 2013 All-Southwestern League Offensive Most Valuable Player. (Photo by Donal Pearce)

The head football coaches of the Southwestern League teams have selected the 2013 All Southwestern League Football Teams, it was announced Monday.

The Southwestern League includes these six high schools: Great Oak, Temecula Valley, Chaparral, Vista Murrieta, Murrieta Valley and Murrieta Mesa.

According to a news release, the honors go to the following players, listed below with their respective position, name, grade and school:


Offensive Most Valuable Player: 

Back            Coltin Gerhart   12   Vista Murrieta

1st Team

Back            Nick Fisher         11   Great Oak

Back            Kyle Plantier       12   Temecula Valley

Back            LaQuan Williams 11   Great Oak

Back            Quincy Wimbish  10   Murrieta Valley    

Rec              Dominic Maiden  11   Temecula Valley

Rec              Brandon Presley  11   Great Oak

Rec              Franklin Shearer 12   Chaparral

Line             Jerry Boggs         12   Murrieta Valley

Line             Kyle Hoppe          11   Chaparral

Line             Jimmy Maloney   12    Vista Murrieta

Line             Ruben Meza        12    Murrieta Mesa

Line             Jimmy Vreeland  11    Great Oak

Kicker          John Barron        12    Chaparral

2nd Team

Back            Tito Feliciano      11     Vista Murrieta

Back            Austin Reza       10      Chaparral

Back            McKinley Ross    10      Murrieta Mesa

Back            Peyton Uhl        10       Murrieta Mesa

Rec              Colin Baker       11       Vista Murrieta

Rec              Darryl Denby    12       Vista Murrieta

Rec              Aaron Young    11       Murrieta Valley

Line             Bryson Bridges 11       Murrieta Mesa

Line             Dalton Knight  12        Chaparral

Line             Kai Simmons   11        Temecula Valley

Line              Artie Vasquez  12        Vista Murrieta

Line              Mason Walter  11        Chaparral

Kicker           Aaron Ruth     12         Vista Murrieta


Defensive Most Valuable Player: 

LB               Curtis Bolton    12         Vista Murrieta

1st Team

Line            Malik Bell          12         Temecula Valley

Line           Tyler Cook         12          Vista Murrieta

Line           Dalton Knight    12          Chaparral

Line           Malik Lawal       11           Chaparral

LB              Jake Badillo      12            Chaparral

LB              Mason Evans   12            Vista Murrieta

LB              Alex Gonzalez  11            Great Oak

LB              Greg Hoyd       12            Vista Murrieta

Back           Randy Beggs    12           Vista Murrieta

Back           Darrien Molton 11           Chaparral

Back           Billy Montoya   12            Murrieta Mesa

Back           Brandon Worthy 11         Vista Murrieta

Utility         Daniel Castro      12         Murrieta Mesa

Punter        Nathan Chupp   12          Temecula Valley

2nd Team

Line            Matt Hobby       12           Great Oak

Line            Kevin Knight     11           Great Oak

Line            Ernesto Ruiz     12            Great Oak

Line            Wesley Scott     12           Murrieta Mesa

Line           Jordan Silva        12           Murrieta Valley

LB              Manny Burgess  12           Temecula Valley

LB             Tyler Landis        11           Murrieta Valley

LB             Alex Pierce          12           Chaparral

LB            Campbell Sawyer 10           Murrieta Valley

Back         Wesley Brown     11           Murrieta Valley

Back         Xavier Cardinal   11            Chaparral

Back         Bradly Meeks      11            Chaparral

Back        Mickey Sarner     11            Murrieta Valley

Utlity       Nick Fisher          11            Great Oak 

Punter     Aaron Ruth          12           Vista Murrieta



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