Not a Football Fan? How About a Different Breed of Bowl Game?

On Feb. 2 you won't have to watch the Super Bowl to enjoy an exciting bowl event.

Puppy Bowl X Stadium promotional pictures. Photo by DCL.
Puppy Bowl X Stadium promotional pictures. Photo by DCL.

Written by Gina Tenorio

For non-football fans, Super Bowl Sunday can feel like the loneliest day of the year. Nearly 109 million people watched last year’s game.

This year’s Feb. 2 game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks could lure more thanks to the antics of a screaming defender (We won’t talk about Seahawk Richard Sherman) and the skill of a seasoned quarterback (shout out to Omaha). Feel free to Google what’s in parenthesis.

While you can’t escape the hype, you might want to weigh your options and pick a different big “game” event.

At least three channels, Animal Planet, The Hallmark Channel and Nat Geo Wild, will offer an alternative to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Animal Planet will have their 10th annual Puppy Bowl. This is the original alternative bowl programming. And who doesn't love penguin cheerleaders and a Keyboard Cat halftime performance?

This year, the Hallmark Channel has decided to air the Kitten Bowl. Meowza, don't let the furry cuteness fool you. These kittens have claws and they know how to be adorable with them.

And finally, the Nat Geo Channel has joined the celebration. They have announced - please brace yourselves - the Fish Bowl. You must see the promo to believe it! It's A FISH BOWL! WITH A FISH IN IT!

Not a football fan? Tell us in the comments what you do to escape the Super Bowl?    


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