Tips for Keeping Pets Cool in Excessive Heat

Pets can get even more uncomfortable than humans in high heat and must be protected as well.

With in the inland valleys this week, residents should be aware that pets find high heat as unbearable as humans do and should be protected as well.

During summer months, dogs with long or thick hair should be trimmed to keep them cooler, according to published reports.

A cooling mat is also a good idea for dogs that are kept outside or in homes without air conditioning, according to an article published on Yahoo.com; some models allow water to be added to help keep the mat cool.

A simple tip that actually may be easy to forget is to keep pets hydrated by ensuring they have enough water, according to Yahoo.

The water bowls must be checked regularly because in high heat, water can evaporate. Don't assume that because you filled the bowl in the morning that your pet has water throughout the day.

Shade is also important, Yahoo reports; tarp can be used to partially cover kennels.

Dog houses also work, according to Yahoo.

If one is leaving a pet at home while away at work or for the day, leave the air conditioner on at a comfortable setting, just as one would do for a family member.

Never, ever leave pets in vehicles because they heat up quickly and one may lose track of time while running errands, Yahoo states.

Bring pets inside on really hot days and leave them there in air conditioning, rather than taking them out to suffer.

A Murrieta Patch reader also reminded pet owners that just as pavement and cement are hot to human feet, similar caution should be used when walking pets.


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