Motorists Headed to Lake Skinner Slow Traffic

Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival (Photo Credit: Watchara)
Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival (Photo Credit: Watchara)
An event at Lake Skinner Saturday had an adverse effect on southbound Interstate 15 traffic, Patch has learned.

The Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival, intended to benefit education, was to take place all weekend.

Patch learned that southbound traffic on the I-15 Freeway was backed up from Rancho California Road to Murrieta Hot Springs Road, as a line of vehicles snaked toward Wine Country for the event.

The festival organizers will donate a portion of its ticket sales proceeds to a local nonprofit.

The "green music" festival has traditionally been held in Orange County but is coming to Southwest Riverside County for the first time in its nine-year history.
Callitlikeitis July 13, 2013 at 08:57 PM
The organizers have done a wonderful time advertising and painting a positive picture of the event. I hope the writers of the Patch do a little research and tell the readers of Temecula and Southwest County a little of the dark side of this event. How many people were arrested for possession and selling illegal drugs. How many people had to seek emergency medical attention due to drug usage. The organizers and park staff took on a huge liability by treating party goers at the event without having young people seek treatment outside the park. It's a great way to minimize outside scrutiny this way.


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