Former Teacher Confronted on YouTube: 'How is Having a Sexual Relationship with a 12-year-old Student Helping them?'

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department arrested the target of a viral YouTube video at her home in Perris on Monday.

Screen grab from YouTube video
Screen grab from YouTube video

By Renee Schiavone and City News Service

Riverside County, California – A former school administrator accused of molesting two girls – one of whom confronted the woman in a widely seen YouTube video – was charged Monday with multiple felony counts.

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Andrea Michelle Cardosa, 40, of Perris, Calif., was arrested at 5:45 p.m. by a sheriff's department warrant service team that took her into custody at her residence without incident, authorities said.

Cardosa was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside and was expected to be held in lieu of $5 million bail. Her initial court appearance is slated for 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Riverside Hall of Justice, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Cardosa became the focus of national attention last month after a 28-year-old woman calling herself "Jamie X" posted a videotaped phone confrontation with the defendant, accusing her of sexual abuse 16 years earlier, which Cardosa appeared to acknowledge.  That video— called "A call to my childhood rapist teacher"— is no longer available on YouTube.  Views had surpassed 1.2 million.

Since that time, a second woman, now 18, has surfaced, making similar allegations, according to District Attorney Spokesman John Hall.

The first alleged victim, who has identified herself in the media as Jamie Carrillo, claimed she was molested by Cardosa beginning when she was a 12-year-old student at Chemawa Middle School in Riverside. The second victim, identified only as Brianna, alleged that Cardosa sexually abused her when she was 15 and attending Rivera Middle School in Perris, according to published reports.

Cardosa held teaching, coaching and administrative positions at both schools between 1997 and 2013, according to representatives from the Riverside Unified and Val Verde Unified school districts.

Until recently, the defendant was working as an assistant principal at Alhambra High School in Los Angeles County. She resigned immediately after Carrillo's video went viral and a copy was sent to officials at the Alhambra Unified School District.

Cardosa is charged with 11 counts of lewd acts on a child under 15 years old and five counts of aggravated sexual assault of a minor. She is also facing sentence-enhancing allegations of targeting multiple victims.

According to the D.A.'s office, each of the assault counts carry potential life sentences.

Riverside police investigators allege Cardosa had illicit contact with Carrillo between 1997 and 2001, including while she was in high school.

The second girl was allegedly molested in 2009 and 2010. She has filed civil claims against the school districts.     "They're supposed to protect their students, not physically harm them and mentally harm them," she said in a Jan. 23 statement released to the media. "They're supposed to do their job a certain way because if they would have done it years ago, this would have not happened to me now."

During Carrillo's recorded conversation with Cardosa, posted Jan. 17, the alleged victim upbraids the educator, telling her, "Do you realize that you brainwashed me and you manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?"

"Yes, and I regret it," Cardosa replies.

"You sicken me, and every day when I think about what you did, you sicken me," Carrillo says. "You should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself."

"I am, I am," comes the answer.

— City News Service contributed to this report.

WINEGUY51 February 04, 2014 at 03:48 PM
Ryan February 04, 2014 at 03:57 PM
Get this CA story off of Toms River Patch LOCAL NEWS is AOL pushing this change because it makes no sense
Karen Hanley Fogarty February 04, 2014 at 04:00 PM
This is what happens when you eliminate local editors. I knew it was a matter of time, but I did not think it would happen this fast. Time to "unlike" the Patch on FB.
Brenda February 04, 2014 at 04:18 PM
Yep, cant believe Toni, Maggie and Mirna are gone. Well the new guy/company took over and who knows what direction he is taking here. But yes, he/she/it is missing all of our own local news? Why is that Penny? Are you here Penny? I know there has been alot going on in Temecula with all the police out in herds, and the dang helicopter almost nightly for up to 1/2 hr at a time. Then quiet, and then back again in 2 hours. But then no news? I don't mind reading about some stuff from outter Riverside county but this is weeks and weeks now. This article, well yes the damn teacher is the pedophile I get that. But where are these girl's shut off switch? They were, are old enough to know this was wrong touching when they are in their teens, but they stuck around, went along with it, and kept it quiet. That is what I dont understand is why these teenagers are just sitting on this info until they are 18 and then speak out along with a civil lawsuit in hand. Its almost like they want it to go on for as long as possible for some stupid reason. Who knows, but there is some reason these teens arent saying no like schools, police, tv shows, parents have taught them from like 2 on UP.
Kathy Dweck February 04, 2014 at 05:06 PM
AND PORN MOVIES following?
gonflo February 04, 2014 at 05:19 PM
Boy you people are cruel and hurtful!!!! And brenda seems you know NOTHING about child abuse or sexual abuse. I truly hope you don't have kids. You lack sensitivity. Bunch of bullies on this thread.
Craig Shipley February 04, 2014 at 05:56 PM
While this may be important in the locale that this took place in, it doesn't matter everywhere else. I signed up for local news, not sensationalist stuff that doesn't matter beyond its home locale.
Kathy Dweck February 04, 2014 at 06:03 PM
Did anyone else notice that the YouTube videos to follow were foreign porn?
ChrisG February 04, 2014 at 06:34 PM
@Kathy, we got videos of cats after. I think those videos that follow are based upon internet history.
Don Barker February 04, 2014 at 07:51 PM
Why is this article appearing on the Hamilton-Wenham Patch when it happened 3000 miles away?
Brenda February 04, 2014 at 10:37 PM
gonflo you are totally misinterpreting what I posted. OURs, yours, mine, everyones teenagers should know NOT to do this, get involved in it, know all the tricks the teachers, priests pull. WE TEACH Them that! That is why I ask, what is/are these teenagers missing to get into a sexual relationship with a teacher? Where are the parents while this is happening? I just do NOT get it. Hell even when I was young and it was not so damn prevailing as it is today, I still knew better then let anyone touch me at any age that I can remember, and especially high school. How when our kids are more educated does this still happen? You have to ask that question also...............These predators pick on a certain type of kid, they see them coming...........what type of kid is it? Looking for love, a family, attention of any kind?
jerseytomato February 05, 2014 at 07:27 AM
I think its great this video was posted on the NJ Patch. Parents, students and members of ALL SCHOOL BOARDS need to know when and where this happens, but more importantly, we all need to know who these child molesters are and what they look like. This assistant Principal may have vacationed here in NJ - or any other state for that matter. Surely, there are more children this woman molested. I support this young woman for posting this video, as she is soooo courageous - refusing to be held hostage to her abuser. BRAVO!
carl robers February 05, 2014 at 11:40 AM
I truly feel sorry for the girls but there is such a double standard, At age 15 how come they are to young when there is money to be made or the media gets involved!!? 5 years ago My daughter at 14 got pregnant and had the baby at 15 by a 19 year old in the state of Ohio, while I was in Iraq, I tried to bring charges on him, I called everyone from the locale police in Lima Ohio to the state district attorneys office . I was told because my daughter lived with my ex wife at the time and they were within 4 years of age at time of birth, I could not bring charges on him, and the state would not bring charges on there own ,and because my ex would not bring charges there was nothing I could do it looks like the only time any officials do anything is when the media gets involved or if the kids now adults are looking to get paid
Sbsp February 05, 2014 at 01:18 PM
Just get off of here Brenda, and other negative nancys put there. Gonflo nailed it. This is not the type of story to post your negative views on.
Marie rava February 05, 2014 at 04:16 PM
toni petty February 05, 2014 at 05:50 PM
maybe it is time for the wonderful schools do background checks on the worthless teachers they hire how can so many perverts get into teaching. could you do a background ck every year! get rid of schools and teachers this can all be done online now , and guess what I bet they stay within budget the only occupation who has no clue what a budget is maybe you should take a class on finance
DL Legendz February 05, 2014 at 06:22 PM
How is it sexual abuse when a 30 yr old. has sex with 12 year old but it isn't sexual abuse when a 12 year old gets their heart broken by another 12 year old?
Craig Mitchell February 05, 2014 at 07:46 PM
Because they are minors.
ChrisG February 05, 2014 at 08:11 PM
@dl, please stay away from minors. You sound very dangerous.
brookhavenconfucius February 07, 2014 at 08:50 AM
Incredible story.


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