Latonja Davis-Benson
Artist, College Instructor, Mammoprapher, Breast Cancer Survivor
Latonja Davis, fine artist, healthcare professional and breast cancer survivor launched a campaign called “Because Art for Charity - Art Through Cancer”. Her mission has been to complete 300 original mixed media paintings in 365 days and donate the proceeds to a charitable organization.
Latonja diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. To date her prognosis is outstanding. Recovery from the physical and emotional stresses that this illness causes is a day-to-day walk; but she remains strong and positive in her faith in God that she is A Survivor. She explains that the physical action required in the creation of her abstract art provides a release from anxieties, frustrations, and despondency, thus allowing her to express beauty, strength, and wellness in each painting. Her physical, psychological, and spiritual transforming experience is the catalyst for this enormous artistic endeavor. Latonja ardently launched this plan to exponentially express her freedom from that dreaded disease through her art and to use it to help others live.
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